If run out idea on option play

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This morning friend asked me where do I get the idea for weekly or monthly option play.

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Wk34 Option: FOOM and Covered Call Strategy

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This week is a Fed week and expect market to be volatile.

Decide to  use FOOM strategy with average PITM at 4%, which all expires worthless.

Also use Ellman’s covered call strategy and rollover to next week to continue milked more premium to continue to ride on the winning.

This week winrate is 100% and decide to reward myself with a Mi band 2.

2015 Option review

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Thing that I had done well

  1. Venture into weekly option, even with bigger losses in certain period, overall is still positive.
  2. Better understanding of option and able to use more option strategies.
  3. Refine concept on Options and able to play the probability game
  4. Enhancing TA skills (Candles, RSI, BB, Darvas box.etc)
  5. Guide newbies on playing safe option


Thing I did not do well

  1. Still listening to third party stock tips
  2. Venture into testing too many trading concept and strategies, very costly tuition fee
  3. Allow friends to influence me to trading futures and Intraday


Next Year

  1. Conduct basic option for a small class
  2. Help other to achieve their financial freedom goals
  3. Guide a few close friends on improving their option skill