1. WHAT is this website  about?

This website chronicle my option journey for passive income in Singapore.

2. WHY is it important?

I want to help those in need to generate passive income for foods through option trading.

3. Here is HOW to get started?

I intent to earn passive income through trading three option trading period as follow:

a. Weekly option – for daily survival (food on table)

b. Monthly option – for monthly expenses (utilities, bill .etc)

c. Longer option – for higher profit (saving)

4. How I intent to earn a living through option trading?

I started option trading after realising my fund manager have been losing my hard earned saving through unit trust. Even in a  bull market, my unit trust fund show a double digit negative return, that propel me to do something about my investment and not leave it to fund managers.

I started to attend classes on investment, trading, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and macro analysis. I intent to empowered myself with new knowledge, various tools, technique or methodologies etc. In one of the classes I attended on value investing, “option trading” was introduced and I was hooked. I am not from the finance industry and do not have strong foundation in trading or investing but option trading really captivated me.

With this new found arena of option trading, I am able to utilise the various analysis like fundamental to screen for good companies and technical for entry and exit criteria. I had also formulated my personal strategies to trade options.

My journey does not end here, it is just the beginning and do drop in to see how my option journey progresses.

Best Regards,