Wk35 Option: Expecting a quiet week

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Enter three stocks this week:

HLF rollover – continue to milk more premium on price upward movement.

CZR with 300% IV and SRPT 59%, decide to do strangle on both.

Contingency plan if tested: HLF will let it assigned away if no more premium to be milked and perform inversion adjustment for CZR and SRPT.

2 Sep 2016 Update: 100% winrate this week



Wk34 Option: FOOM and Covered Call Strategy

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This week is a Fed week and expect market to be volatile.

Decide to  use FOOM strategy with average PITM at 4%, which all expires worthless.

Also use Ellman’s covered call strategy and rollover to next week to continue milked more premium to continue to ride on the winning.

This week winrate is 100% and decide to reward myself with a Mi band 2.