Reasons why trader fail

10 reasons why trader fail from Jake Bernstein

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Goals Setting


In 2014, I set goals for my option journey as such:-

I intent to earn passive income through trading three option period as follow:

  1. Weekly option : for daily survival (food on table)
  2. Monthly option : for monthly expenses (utilities, bill .etc)
  3. Longer option : for higher profit (saving) – Not much success on trading the futures

Weekly and Monthly option system starting to bear fruits but longer options still paying huge tuition fees on testing, experimenting and learning the rope.

MOJ’s Weekly Option Result for 2015

I was interested to know whether the SOS monthly option can be applied to weekly. So in Jan 2015, I started testing SOS on weekly option play.

After one year of testing in 2015, below is the result for SOS weekly option.

2015 weekly Options Result

The average winrate is 90% and is profitable. I let the option expires worthless or start adjusting when tested.

Those in red are losses, blank mean I skip that week and the rest are profitable weeks. Some observation when using SOS on weekly option play:

Observation 1: Even with FOOM options there will be some losing weeks

Observation 2: With proper adjustment strategies, a losing trade can be turned into a winning weeks (eg. wk19 and wk43)

Observation 3: Position sizing if not done properly can cause major losses or three weeks of winning return back to Mr. Market (eg. wk26 and wk46)

Observation 4: The more I practice, the better I become, winrate improve by 4% in second half of the year (1H from 88% to 2H of 92%)

In conclusion, SOS weekly option is doable and had been tested for a year.

I want to give thank to God for HIS provision and optionkaki’s friends journeying together.