Option Concept : Win rate+Cut Loss+Position Sizing


Looking backward to chart forward – like rowing a boat backward to move forward.

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Week 22 Option: All cleared

This week I sell both stocks and E-mini S&P Index Futures and collected enough premium to feed me for a week or so.

For Stocks, basically I use the investors.com for entry and the selection criteria are:

1. High IV rank or IV percentile

2. High Volume

3. Low Spread different

4. Good ROM or ROC or ROI

5. High for OI and volume

6. Price gap or major price change supported by a big volume

7. Look for high probability setup using chart like LR, SMA, RSI, MACD, Bollinger and dynamic band

For E-minis future, I use Hips and Lops strategy for entry and let it expires worthless.