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Reflection for the month of Apr Option Result

1. Testing of TPR strategy does not work as plan but learned that if it hit 0% or 100% it can push the LR to higher or lower, can take advantage of such movement and sell with trend
2. Buy option is 50-50 chance and need to limit the cost of not less than $100 and two longer time duration
3. CK Swing or breakout trade testing ended in losses as I cut loss too early most of the stock ended up XOOM, ZIXI
4. The sell option strategy is still the main income earner
5. The buy strategy ended in major losses, still have not perfected it yet like VGK, EUFN, EWQ and EWG
6. Option contract getting larget and larget due to testing of many strategies, In month of May is the most option buy and sold in a single day (no planning or portfolio sizing as still testing new concepts without considering the entry timing, still testing many new strategies and concept using live account)
7. Conclude that Sell OTM option strategy is still the key to passive income